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Welcome to the Littlest Pet Shop Wiki

Littlest Pet Shop Wiki (littlestpetshop-lps) is a Wiki celebrating the Hub's television show
Littlest Pet Shop (2012)


Littlest Pet Shop is currently a toy franchise owned by Hasbro; like the famous My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, it has also its own show on Hub that is after an old generation of show/s. The original show started in the 1990s, by Kenner. There are and were a variety of toys and video games designed for the toys and old television show, and thus creating the newest generation of Littlest Pet Shop, on the Hub. This television series is animated by DHX Media's animation studio in Vancouver, Canada...(see Littlest Pet Shop)

Blythe Baxter Main Human Character
Roger Baxter Airline Pilot and Father of Blythe
The Biskit Twins Blythe's main antagonists, attempts to sabotage the success of the shop
Fisher Biskit Father of the Biskit twins and owner of the Largest Ever Petshop
Mrs. Twombly Manager of the Littlest Pet Shop
Jasper Jones Student at Blythe's school
Sue Patterson
Youngmee Song

Zoe Trent Purple King Charles Spaniel
Russell Ferguson Orange Hedgehog
Sunil Nevla Cyan Mongoose
Penny Ling Purple Panda
Minka Mark Pink Monkey
Pepper Clark Grey and White Skunk
Vinnie Terrio Green Chameleon
Buttercream Sundae Yellow and Brown Rabbit
Gail Trent Zoe's sister

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Littlest Pet Shop – Meet Blythe

Littlest Pet Shop – Meet Blythe

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