Russell Ferguson


is an orange hedgehog and main character in Littlest Pet Shop. He is known for his leadership skills and organizational abilities. He is voiced by Samuel Vincent.


Russell is an orange hedgehog with chestnut spikes, hazel eyes, and a small mouth with one front tooth sticking out.


Russell is somewhat OCD and sometimes overreacts when things aren't "just so." He is very tidy, and often gets frustrated when the other pets aren't. He has natural leadership skills and often organizes the pets' various activities. In "Summertime Blues," he puts together a going-away party for Blythe and makes sure all the pets have nice presents to give her. 

Despite appearing bossy and nitpicky, Russell is actually quite sensitive, and cares deeply for the other pets' wellfare. In "Russell Up Some Fun," he scurries around the pet shop, tidying up for the pets and eradicating things he thinks would be a threat to their health or comfort. In "Lotsa Luck," he is the only pet who encourages and supports Pepper in her attempts to impress Ol' Banannas. In "Summertime Blues," Russell is just as upset as the other pets when he hears that Blythe is leaving for the summer. Even so, he encourages the other pets to support her in her decision and even organizes a going-away party for her. He is sad to admit that, although he himself organized the party and made sure everyone gave Blythe a present, he was not able to find anything to give her himself. Blythe and the other pets assure him that he was responsible for all of the gifts because the whole party was his idea. Blythe then hugs him and whispers in his ear that she will miss him most of all, to which Russell nearly starts crying.